BPD awareness month.

May is Borderline personality disorder awareness month and in my opinion, BPD is a mental illness that is hardly talked about considering how many people are effected by it. BPD also known as 'Emotionally unstable personality disorder' is a mental illness "characterized by pervasive instability in moods, interpersonal relationships, self-image, and behaviour and people diagnosed" - MedicineNet
This definition is quite broad considering everyone with this diagnosis can present in very different ways and for someone to get a diagnosis of BPD they have to be presenting with 5 out of the 9 different symptoms/behaviours in the diagnostic criteria.

Being diagnosed with BPD is NOTHING to be ashamed of and I just want to reassure you that you are not alone. There is a great number of people with this diagnosis and there is a lot of support you can get also.
One of the difficulties with BPD that you may face is that it can be complicated to understand fully, whether that’s trying to understand yourself or trying to understand others that are going through it.

Even though in the media there can be negative stereotypes against people with this illness I have compiled a list of positives from my own experience and from talking to other that have BPD. This will hopefully show there are positive aspects of living with BPD and it’s not all doom and gloom.

We are;
- Understanding of people in similar situations
- Empathetic
- Creative
- Passionate
These are just to name a few…

Of course the positives I have mentioned don’t just apply to BPD however I personally feel that they are not talked about enough in relation to this particular diagnosis.

So to end the blog post here, if you know someone that has BPD talk with them about it! You don’t necessarily need to talk about all their deep and personal problems but just talking to them like a human, not as if they are only BPD and nothing else. Be patient, don’t judge them and be consistent and you will see a huge difference. If we don’t talk and hide behind the stereotypes, it is never going to get easier.

If you have BPD remember… Have courage and always keep fighting.
So if you have BPD or know someone that does, help fight the stigma by talking about it (especially this month). Talk about the positives, talk about how you can support someone with it and basically just TALK TALK TALK!

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